Whispered Smoke (hayla99) wrote in bleeding_words,
Whispered Smoke

my truth

i am not strong.
i am not unbreakable.
i cry,
i live,
i die,
mostly by your side.

i am not strong,
though i pretend,
though i try.
i bleed with every cut
you inflict upon me,
though my smile
hides the tears in my eyes.

i am not strong,
yet i will say i am steel,
i will throw on armor,
accept your punch,
take your pain within my soul,
and squash it away,
keep it hanging for another day.

i am not strong.
wine is my savior,
laughter my delight,
smile through my lacerations,
a torture device of delight.

i am not strong,
though no one truly sees,
the strength it takes
to hold on to the facade
that hides my pain,
lack of faith
or belief
in what people say is the amazingness of me.

i am not strong,
my words of self confidence
are an actors best tools,
a beggar's last try
for scrapes of that strength.

i am not strong,
though you will it to be.

i am not strong,
i am only just me.
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