rebelwaste (rebelwaste) wrote in bleeding_words,

Media Diet (Poem)


Confection>Starvation and Slavery

Confection is now society’s perfection
The Spike in my Veins is the fascination
Reason and truth are replaced by fashion and thrones
               That we put celebrity on
                       And then devour whole

But then we complain that our shit stinks
               That it’s too hard to expel
Well yeah
Our diet consists of no vegetables
               Only meat sacrificed to false idols

The E that’s our drug is not the ecstasy pill
               It’s the E entertainment news
                               And dehydrated swill
Being told what we want
Instead of what we need
               Like a child refusing green food
                               Our obesity is both physical and mental greed

When will we realize that children starving
               Trumps the relationship status of people who              
                               May adopt the starving
                                               But don’t even know your name

When will we realize that the concerns of the world
               Trump the rebellion on teens
                               Who are child slaves till they reach 18
                                               Then they are like survivors of the gladiators ring
                                                               Getting DUI’s
                                                                               Drunk on their own 151(proof) self-im-port
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